Entity Removal and repairing the Root Source that made her susceptible to entities, Guidance and Energy Repairing with Downloads

"Thank you Love!!

I am feeling so much freer, lighter, and more peaceful."

-Victoria Osorio (Mar. 2018) Gainesville, FL.

Sing Bowls, Gemstones, and Divine Guidance

"Kristen is an extremely talented healer! Do yourself a favor, and book a session with her today!

I had the benefit of a session with her, and since that time my entire perspective on life has opened up in a real and tangible way. She is insightful, her intuition is strong, she brings healing sound with her singing bowls, and her presence is calming and nonjudgemental.
I am sincerely looking forward to seeing her again.
Do not hesitate to contact her! Do it now!!! After your session, you will wish you had done it yesterday. Her services are well worth the cost, and in fact... they are priceless!"

-Amy Waddill (Feb. 2018) Lutz, FL.

Energy Clearing, Singing Bowls, and Coaching

"What an incredible healing session I had with you. Thank you so much! I came away from it feeling so much better physically and mentally; relaxed and light as a feather. All the key negatives and fears that were dwelling in me were released and lifted away. I was able to face an upcoming challenge with much more confidence, and able to focus on the positive aspects of it."

-Rebecca Z. Douglass (Aug. 2017) St. Pete, FL.

Group Sing Bowl Meditation w/ Channeled Guidance, Energy Shifts, & Downloads

"I received an amazing birthday gift from my friend Katie... a singing bowl meditation with Kristen Tenpenny. Being born on 08/08 does have it's benefits. Having your body vibrate at a higher frequency to embrace the light energy through the lions gate portal is beyond measure. Kristen created an atmosphere of pure love and light allowing everyone attending to experience their own unique healing. I am still feeling the waves of healing today. It's a natural high you must experience for yourself.... so if you're looking for a light on your healing journey to enlightenment.... definitely call Kristen!"

-Rachel Irene Sherrouse (Aug. 2017) Lakeland, FL.

Spiritual Coaching, Sound Bowls, & Infinite Love DNA Cleansing

Melissa Cavida reviewed Satya Prema Ethereal Arts: Spiritual Coaching Theta Healing and Sound — 5 star

and she radiates a peace that draws you in. Anyone who meets with her will sense that immediately! I'm grateful at having the courage to welcome Kristen, a stranger who I felt vulnerable to, yet familiar with into my personal space. My experience with her will forever be a reference point in my life. I wish her many divine blessings as she continues to touch others with her gifts."

-Melissa Cavida (July, 2017) Tampa, FL.

Meditation Retreat, Phone sessions, & Sound Bowls w/ coaching

"My experience with Kristen started in a group setting at a meditation yoga retreat at Bok Tower Gardens. It was the beginning of a journey I did not see coming. I met some amazing angels that day and more have joined since I entered into healing. She has absolutely started to peel back the layers that have held me tightly wrapped for years. I am blown away by things she has brought to the surface for me. Thank you for bringing the light and healing power into my life. You are truly one of gods gifts"

-Marilyn O'Brien (May. 2017) Lake Wales, FL.

Sound Bowls w/ Infinite Love DNA Cleansing & Guidance, Phone sessions, Group Singing Bowl Meditations.

"I do not have words that will appropriately convey the depth of gratitude, trust, and love that have been inspired in me through my interactions with Kristen. As someone who is new to the ethereal arts, I have been blown away by her. She is everything that she embraces!"

-Susan Thompson (April 2017) Lakeland, FL.

Infinite Love DNA Cleansing Phone Session

"My phone session with Kristen was beautiful in so many ways. Kristen emanates pure love and her innate wisdom helped me to further release past hurts which had weighed heavily on my heart for so long. Even my fiery Cardinals made numerous appearances - further signals that a great healing had occurred. Thank you sweet Angel💕"

-Nicola Bunnett (April 2017) South Africa

Sound Bowls w/ Guidance

"I just want to start by saying every experience I have had with Kristen Tenpenny has been beyond miraculous. Her Divine intuition is second to none. My Theta Healing session with her was such a beautiful experience. Without any information from me whatsoever she was able to pick up on the issues that were holding me back from living in the moment and being able to fully enjoy the present. The peace of mind and clarity that come from my session Has Lifted a heavy burden that I have carried for years. I thank the Creator for such wonderful beings of light like Kristen that are out here doing work to help people step into themselves and fully live the moment and have great clarity and understanding of what life is really about and to feel that love that emanates from her heart. Thank you Kristen for unraveling the knots in my mind and heart and helping me to step in the flow of life. I am forever grateful and look forward to our next meeting. Much love and high vibes to you my friend and thank you again for all that you do."

-Michael Locke (Feb. 2017) Winter Haven, FL.

Meditation Retreat, Oracle Card Reading

"I took part in a mediation retreat last weekend that Kristen offered at Bok Tower Gardens. It was the perfect venue with a great response with a diverse group of attendees. This is a confirmation of the thirst we have for these spiritual experiences. I enjoyed the introduction to different meditation practices and the opportunity to practice them all! I look forward to more similar experiences with Kristen!"

-Maria Jimenez (Nov. 2016) Lake Wales, FL.

Online Seminar, Phone Infinite Love DNA Cleansing Phone Session, Entity Clearing, & Past life Resolution Session

"This was a lovely experience! I learned some things I didn't know before, felt new sensations and had some truths revealed. I felt alot of energy during the session and Kristen is such a loving soul."

-Lynn Dragoun (Nov. 2016) Lecanto, FL

Meditation Retreat

Kasia Wood Brenson reviewed Satya Prema Ethereal Arts: Spiritual Coaching Theta Healing and Sound — 5 star

Mediumship Phone Session, Past Life Reveal w/ Life Purpose Coaching, Singing Bowl Group Meditations.

"I've been trying to find the right words. My reading with Kristen was absolutely beautiful! She truly gave me such a beautiful gift. My brother and I were very best friends. He past 5 years ago and came through to Kristen in so many beautiful ways letting me know he's always with me. I was just amazed at the things she knew and confirmed. Thank you❤"

-Amy Mason (Aug. 2016) Lakeland, FL.

Phone Session: Infinite Love DNA Cleansing

Kristen has lifted me into the heavens. I feel grounded calm and chilled out completely reprogrammed and in control of my universe I physically felt her powerful download and I have to report that she is one of the most powerful energy healers I have ever come across definitely don't miss out! I am so grateful thank you for your miraculous gift

-Stacey Fox (Aug. 2016) London, England.

Energy Healing, Sound Bowls, Channeled Guidance.

Emily Burnett Magdics reviewed Satya Prema Ethereal Arts: Spiritual Coaching Theta Healing and Sound — 5 star
"Kristen is a treasure. She did energy healing before starting my healing bowl session and even taught me things I can do at home. The whole experience was amazing, she saw and gave me insight into a trauma that happened when I was six. I cant wait to go for another session and I am really looking forward to attending some of her workshops so I can learn more."

-Emily Burnett (Aug. 2016) Winter Haven, FL.

Home Cleansing, Sound Bowls,Infinite Love DNA Cleansing Phone Session, Past Life Resolution, Pet Healing, Pet Mediumship, Entity Clearing.

"Kristen is such a special soul. She has such a divine presence. I highly recommend her for such a wide variety of needs. She has definitely been a wonderful guide for me the last 6 months. I can't recommend her enough."

-Adrienne Venable (July 2016) Tampa, FL.

Chakra Cleansing, Negative Spirit Removal, Phone session, Yoga, Individual Coaching, Group Yoga Chakra Classes

Natalie Jackson Trail reviewed Satya Prema Ethereal Arts: Spiritual Coaching Theta Healing and Sound — 5 star

-Natalie Jackson Trail (June 2016) Plant City, FL.

Phone sessions: Infinite Love DNA Cleansing & Spiritual Coaching, Past Life Resolutions, Life Purposing, Channeled Guidance.

"I have been working with Kristen for almost three months now to heal a lot of deep issues my soul decided to trigger this year. The triggers brought with it deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain. With all the changing energy this year, a lot continues to come up and while I am able to heal some on my own using various energy techniques, to heal the deeper issues, I've needed Kristen's support, guidance, and ThetaHealing skills. My life has transformed in ways I never expected or dreamed in the last three months. Old pain I've dealt with most of my life is gone. Incredible experiences and adventures and love have shown up in its place. I am so grateful for the work she does."

-Jennifer Holik (May. 2016) Chicago, IL. The Netherlands.

Phone Session: Infinite Love DNA Cleansing & Chakra Balancing with Past Life Revealing

"I had a profound Theta healing and spiritual coaching session with Kristen by phone. She is a powerful, gentle and loving healer and has remarkable ability to channel and bring through divine truth for the highest good. In one session she got to and helped me release a core spiritual block and opened me to receive my spiritual truth and unconditional love and joy. Looking forward to connecting with Kristen in the next moon cycle after I have time to integrate the healing and spiritual download she brought to me today."

-Julie Reed (May 2016) Portland, OR.

Phone Sessions, Family Sessions, Sound Bowls, Reiki levels: 1,2,3.

"After a theta healing phone session with Kristen every cell in my body feels alive and transformed. I wake up to find a whole new life. Every cell within, every thought and action in my daily life seems renewed and clearer. I have seen lifelong blocks, emotional challenges and physical pain amazingly removed in a simple phone session. Kristen has a beautiful gift of facilitating the flow of divine healing while gently guiding you through your own personal healing journey.
Thank you Kristen for your love, dedication, and openness to allow the divine spirit and creator to move freely through you to heal others.❤"

-Anne-Marie Kearney (May, 2016) Tampa, FL.

Phone Session Channeled Guidance and visions, Life Purpose Soul Remembrance

"Kristen, I was so blessed by our session. I can still hear your prophetic voice speaking truth and filling me with light. You clearly saw visions, that I've never shared with anyone, stored in my heart. You really do have an amazing gift and thank you for sharing it with me. May God continue to bless you always. Love you ❤"

-Lindsay Holmes (May 2016) New Jersey, NJ.

Infinite Love DNA Cleansing Phone Session, channeled guidance, Dark Entities/ Fallen Angels removal, and spiritual counseling sessions

"Kristen is not just gifted, she IS a gift! Her sessions are not just spot on and comprehensive, they're mystical and nourishing. Thank you for being you Kristen!"

-Susan Peik (May 2016) Portland, OR.

Infinite Love DNA Cleansing Phone Session & Past Life Reading

"I am a master energy healer and spiritual coach myself and Kristin was spot on and gave me a profoundly beautiful will love her!"

-Maureen Riley (May 2016) Chicago, IL.

Infinite Love DNA Cleansing Phone Session and Mediumship sessions

"Kristen is an awesome beautiful person! Even through her phone sessions you can feel her positive power and strength in healing ! Can't wait until my next session!!!"

-Laura Henriquez (May 2016) Lake Alfred, FL.

Phone Sessions/ Chakra Balancing

John Keytack reviewed Satya Prema Ethereal Arts: Spiritual Coaching Theta Healing and Sound — 5 star

Online Reading and Healing texts

"I really enjoy the downloads and the way I feel by entering into the healing aspect it works every time. Thank you."

-Angel McClellan (April 2016) Salt Lake City, UT.

Faith Building, Manifestation, Relationship Transformation Workshops, Phone Sessions

"I am about to get married. If you knew me a few years ago, I was in so much pain and hurt from my past relationship, I blocked anyone from coming into my life at all. I looked back over what has changed in my life over the last couple years. I met a man that was persistent, loving, and adored me so much. I refused to allow myself to give in to love though. My soul was sick. I dated him a few months and when I realized it was time to get serious, I actually prepared a list of pros and cons to talk myself into why I needed to just cut it off. That same day I went to Kristen Tenpenny's Theta Healing session on Realtionships and Unconditional Love. It was so powerful. The questions I had to ask my soul about love... the answers I received... and the confirmation that is was time to allow God to change my perceptions of love. It happened. I truly fell in love with a man that treasures me. I now have him and other people in my life I love and allow to live me UNCONDITIONALLY... no reasons.... no limits. Healing took place. Thank you Kristen. My life is forever changed because of the healing sessions we did together."

-Amanda Frizzell (April 2016) Winter Haven, FL

Healing the Healers Workshop Series. Sound Bowls.

"From the moment I was in the same room as Kristen, a great healing began, a gentle breaking away of old energetic patterns. Through her gift of channeling the Divine, I felt released from old trauma, and a sweet remembering of my abilities occurred. The benefit of spending one afternoon with her continues to work its way through my life. If you have the chance to work with Kristen, you will be very fortunate."

-Fay Hart (April 2016) St. Pete, FL.

Youth ThetaHealing and Spiritual Coaching

Austin reviewed Satya Prema Ethereal Arts: Spiritual Coaching Theta Healing and Sound — 5 star

Relationship building, Surrogate healing for family members, phone sessions

Anne-Marie Kearney reviewed Satya Prema Ethereal Arts: Spiritual Coaching Theta Healing and Sound — 5 star

-Anne-Marie Kearney (Mar. 2016) Tampa, FL.

Phone ThetaHealing Sessions

"I wake up to find a whole new life. My life has been transformed to the depths of my core. Every cell within every inch of my being responds differently now. My Soul vibrates with my body like never body. Creation and Healing Light flow effortlessly. With tears of Joy in my eyes, I thank you Kristen! Your beautiful flow of Divine Healing is truly magical. Thank you for your love, dedication, and openness to the Divine Spirit and Creator to move freely through you. Your powerful and beautiful overflow healing gifts show your bhakti."

-Anne Kearney (Jan. 2016) Tampa, FL.

Youth Individual Coaching/ Reiki

"I took this photo and it reminded me of you. I realized how beautiful the world is and how amazing life is. You teach me how to be positive and how if I trust, good things can happen. Thank you for being the amazing person you are and for sharing this journey of life with me."

-Nevaeh (Nov. 2015) Winter Haven, FL.

Group Sound and Theta Class, Phone ThetaHealing and Manifestation Sessions

"Kristen's energy and vibe as a sound healer is absolutely amazing, I felt divinely connected during our session which was very powerful and transformative. Kristen's essence is gentle & kind and feels of the highest good. I highly recommend a Healing sound session with Kristen if you are working on personal growth, clarity, and/or transformation."

-Regina (Nov. 2015) Burlington, VT.

Reiki, Indivual Yoga, ThetaHealing, Spiritual Coaching

"Kristen puts on her game face on when it counts! Love our sessions when we get together. She did some beginner yoga with me and I felt great after! I've also had some very great spiritual awakenings/ healings with Kristen. Very in tune with her self and God."

-Bryan (Oct. 2015) Lakeland, FL

Youth with Austism- Sound Bowls, ThetaHealing, & Spiritual Coaching, Past Life Resolution, ThetaHealing Group class

"An Angel Reader who was staying with a family told me after a session with me a young man was transformed night and day. He was whistling around and vacuuming. A miracle after his normal behavior was to lay in bed and mope all day long in pain and depression. The mother of the boy (who also had a very profound healing through me wrote: “She was able to give me a private session, Which I was in dire need I had been sick all day, I have some Cyst in my breast and it had been very painful, so I almost did not go, but Spirit guided me. And it was amazing when she started guiding me and playing the crystal bowl, I felt how the pain from my breast came out and stopped hurting me. By the end I was in perfect health and feeling so much Love and happiness . I felt so great That I decided to make an appointment for my son Andrew Who has been battling with all sorts of ailments due to a car accident , and also he is autistic And again the transformation that I saw on him was amazing. He has been doing much better Since then, he had constant back pain , and Now he is Doing much better. I feel that Kristen is such an Amazing Healer and I have recommended many of my friends a couple If them had a session with her Others will do it when she comes back. She is really intuitive and she is just Love. I feel whole when I am in her presence , the love that emanated from her is wonderful. Thank you ,Kristen Much Love!"

-Elena Roubicek (Oct. 2015) Naples, FL.

Oracle Card Reading/ Individual Coaching

"Kristen is a genuine soul that puts her whole heart into her work. When you meet with Kristen you know that she is special, you can just feel it. After a healing session with her I felt rejuvenated and my eyes were just a little bit brighter looking into the world."

-Emily Buffington (Sept. 2015) Tampa, FL.

Phone ThetaHealing Session

"When I first met Kristen, it was through her jewelry that I felt her healing power. I could feel a special energy emanating through the pendants she had made and blessed. I realized in the moment the Spirit wanted me to deliver a message to her that she is a very powerful healer. Since our initial meeting, Kristen facilitated two phone healings for me. I could feel tingling in my body as she downloaded and cleared energy from my body and aura. The first healing resulted in my moving forward in my career in an accelerated way. The second healing resulted in the nagging aches I’d been experiencing for a week in my neck and shoulders immediately relaxing after the healing session with Kristen. I highly recommend Kristen for any healing work or other challenging issue in your life.”

-Julie Yip (Aug. 2015) Walnut Creek, CA.

Phone ThetaHealing Sessions

"You are Truly an amazing healer. My whole body usually feels very tense and achy when I wake up and I usually don’t sleep well. That is gone. I didn’t even realize I had been feeling that way until it was gone. I am truly amazed at the deep healing I have been gifted with. I have always lived with an undercurrent of tangles confused thoughts and emotional attachment that is completely gone. So freeing! Thank you again for being open to your beautiful healing abilities.”

-Anne Marie (April 2015) Tampa, FL.

Theta Healing Class, Sound Bowls, Past Life Regression

"Kristen helped us eliminate blocks that were holding us back. This was beautiful, magical, mystifying, and just plain fun. Kristen came prepared, open, and organized. She allowed us to be ourselves through the clearings with fun exercises. The meditations she took us through were so incredible, deep, healing, and relaxing. I would recommend Kristen for a group healing event or one on ones. I traded sessions with her last night. She put Tibetan bowls on my back, underneath the massage table, and a gong at my feet. She intuited blocks and resolutions which I immediately felt a shift in. This was the most amazing experience I have ever had.”

-Ty Gayton (Mar. 2015) Citrus Springs, FL.

Internet Messaging Session

"Hi Kristen, i just want to thank you for the healing session and tell you about how my "thinking" and heart have connected in such an interesting way since then, and a renewed sense of energy has unfolded. Your insights and visions were amazing! Many blessings, Suzanna"

-Suzanna James‎ (Feb. 2015) Seattle, WA.

Reiki, Manifestation, Past Life Regression & Resolution, Couple's Session

"Kristen,Thank you so much for doing the healing session with my husband and me. It is amazing how so much changed in a very short period of time. I feel freedom and peace like I have never felt before. Thank you so so much."

-Pamela Danis (Dec. 2014) Winter Haven, FL.

Reiki, Spiritual Coaching

"I am continuing to respond to the reiki hours later now, perhaps even more intensely. I feel a bliss and release I cannot believe. I think it may be related to an issue that has been so huge i couldn't even see it. I have felt so much pressure, doubt, and criticism ever since I became a mother, a lot of it coming from myself and a need to be good at everything I do. I think this is one of the hugest things I've been grappling with and yet not acknowledging it. Our session allowed me to have a glimpse into the lightness I could feel by letting go of the weight of the world. Thank you so much for your gifts, your ability, your gentle nature."

-Rebecca D. (April 2013) St. Pete, FL.

Reiki, Gemstones, & Water Cleansing

"Kristen did Reiki on me for the first time about a year ago, I had no clue what to expect she said it was a form of meditation/relaxation for healing. When she began the meditation she spoke softly to help me relax and she placed stones on different parts of my body. The stones added a lot to the meditation, I could feel the stones' energy where they were placed on my body, it was really neat. I never thought stones had their own energy, until now. At last, she poured water on my hands and feet, this was a great way to come back to reality after the mediation. Reiki is a form of mediation for healing the soul and i believe everyone should try it at some point. Kristen is an excellent Reiki therapist, you should give it a shot!!"

-Natalie McDade (2012) St. Pete, FL.

Reiki, Phone sessions, gemstones

Jayne Kelli (Swearingen) reviewed Satya Prema Ethereal Arts: Spiritual Coaching Theta Healing and Sound — 5 star

"Kristen has an amazing gift of using healing energy. I have a hard time calming my mind into a meditative state on my own and her guided meditation is able to bring me into the present moment and melt away stress. It is an absolutely rejuvenating experience and a great way to support a healthy life. Vitality can result from this "time out" from a demanding schedule."

-Jayne Kelli (2012) Treasure Island, FL.

Couples Reiki w/ Gemstones

"Kristen performed Reiki on both myself and my husband. We both lead very hectic lives and rarely have the time to just sit and relax, however after 30 minutes of Reiki / meditation with Kristen we both were extremely relaxed and more focused mentally. My husband and I also felt that we were more emotionally connected to one another. She has a very gentle voice and spirit which helped to calm and clear both our very busy minds."

-Charlene Greene (2012) St. Pete, FL.

I am here for you. I intuit what you need. If it's to comfort you as you cry, then that's what I'll do. If it's yoga postures and deep breathing, we'll do that. If it's diving into the subconscious mind and healing the past or changing behavioral patterns... I'm here for you.

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